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You know that one sexy guy...

...well his name's Ricky.

Ricky Ferree
13 April
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Hey yall this Ricky also know as metro ( a sexy one I might ad). I like long walks on the beach and candle light dinners, nah I'm just jokin. Lets see I'm the Vice President of my junior class (06)-like we really do anything. I go to Jeff. I'm in student council, in Honk and goin to Nebraska baby...and I didn't even tryout. Kentucky Wildcat basketball all the way! U of L's gay. I like shopping and no I'mm not gay, I like good girls and smart ones too, but no smarter than me lol jk. My favorite music is country, but I usually go for what's pop at the time. I'm also a foxy Republican, but don't let that stop you from reading my page. I'm gonna be married before I'm 25....hopefully. I'll be going to college in less than 2 years...I'm not staying home, but I'm not leaving Indiana. Well, I'm looking for a freakin car cuz some damn drunk woman hit mine!